Over on HillaryClinton.com, Secretary Clinton reminds us all that it’s charset=utf-8 by demonstrating what happens when you use the bogus charset=utf8:


Of course, her site is not the first to make this mistake.

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Impatient optimist. Dad. Author/speaker. Created Fiddler & SlickRun. PM @ Microsoft 2001-2012, and 2018-2022, working on Office, IE, and Edge. Now a SWE on Microsoft Defender Web Protection. My words are my own, I do not speak for any other entity.

One thought on “UTF-8

  1. It’s been noted that the forthcoming Encodings spec from the WHATWG allows the form “UTF8”, and more importantly this appears pretty broadly in github projects, so we’ll probably see IE12/Spartan change to match Chrome & Firefox in accepting “UTF8” as a synonym for “UTF-8”. Ugh.

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