Velocity Conference – 2015 Santa Clara

I’ll be speaking at my third (or fourth?) Velocity Conference in Santa Clara California one month from now. I’m always excited to go to Velocity; it’s a conference full of great talks, and more importantly, smart people working on important problems.


My talk, HTTPS in 2015, delivers a whirlwind overview of HTTPS, from how it works to why you need to use it to secure your sites and services.

Anyone watching the news knows that securing your websites and services using HTTPS has never been more important.  In this talk, a former browser security program manager covers the best practices for using HTTPS today. Topics covered in this session include ciphers and hash algorithms, forward secrecy, handshakes and protocols, and new browser features like HSTS and PKP. We’ll talk about exciting developments in 2015 that will make securing your site simpler than ever before, even as attackers get ever more sophisticated.  Explore how attackers circumvent HTTPS, and what you can do to help protect your visitors and keep customers safe from snoops and bad guys.  Secure all the things!

Leading up to the conference, the fine folks from O’Reilly conducted a little mini-interview with me you can read here HTTPS – The S stands for User Experience.

I hope to meet some of you at the conference! If you haven’t registered yet, you can use code ericl20 to save 20%, but hurry—prices go up May 1st.


PS: O’Reilly has got you covered if you need to convince your boss.

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