DotNet Makes Me Sad, In Pictures

.NET Framework KB 3088956:


Ouch, that sounds pretty severe.

I guess I’d better go manually install a hotfix?


Seriously? An email address and a CAPTCHA? Fine.


Oh, an email delivered HTTP URL pointed at an executable file? That seems totes legit.


Yup, definitely legit, it says “Microsoft” right there at the top!


Sure, let’s put those files in the root of the C:\ drive. I’m sure that’ll work.


Oh, guess it did. Magic!

Oh, wait. No files in C:\. No magic, I guess.

Let’s use Process Monitor to watch the file writes… that’s what all the cool kids have to do to install patches, right?


Ah, there you are! UAC virtualization like it’s 2006!


Of course I must, Microsoft, of course I must.


Published by ericlaw

Impatient optimist. Dad. Author/speaker. Created Fiddler & SlickRun. PM @ MSFT '01-'12, and '18-, presently working on Microsoft Edge. My words are my own.

One thought on “DotNet Makes Me Sad, In Pictures

  1. Why don’t they provide the hotfix in a regular ZIP file? And what’s with the legacy Windows Update dialog that should’ve been removed in Vista or Windows 7?

    By the way, they updated the “Should I trust ths site?” link in Edge on one of the latest Insider Previews of Windows 10:

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