Going Electric – Solar

For years now, I’ve wanted to get solar panels for my house in Austin, both because it feels morally responsible and because I’m a geek and powering my house with carbon-free fusion seems neat. Economically, I assume I’ll eventually break even with solar power, but probably not for a long time– my house isn’t largeContinue reading “Going Electric – Solar”

Microsoft Employee’s Guide to Maximizing Donations

Perhaps the most impactful perk for employees of Microsoft is that the company will match charitable donations up to a pretty high annual limit ($15K/year), and will also match volunteering time with a donation at a solid hourly rate up to that same cap. Years ago, I volunteered at a food bank in Seattle, butContinue reading “Microsoft Employee’s Guide to Maximizing Donations”

Book-Writing: Just Do It!

Sadly, you’re unlikely to get wealthy by writing a book. You should definitely write one anyway. My Background People I respect suggest you shouldn’t write (or buy) books on specific technologies, going so far as to say that writing a book was on their top-10 lists of life regrets. Top-10… whoa! As a consequence, whenContinue reading “Book-Writing: Just Do It!”