2022 EOY Fitness Summary

I spent dramatically more time on physical fitness in 2022 than I have at any other point in my life, in preparation for my planned adventure this June.

My 2022 statistics from iFit on my incline trainer/treadmill show that I walked/jogged/ran almost 700 miles after it was set up on January 24th:

Perhaps surprisingly (given the summer heat), I got the most miles in over the summer months:

Beyond the treadmill, I also ran a few real-world races. Compared to the first half, my use of the exercise bike declined in the latter half of the year, but I still rode a few times a month:

I ended the year 52.7 pounds lighter than I started it, bottoming out at 178.4 pounds in early September before rebounding a bit in the final months of the year. My estimated body fat percentage dropped from a peak of 28.9% to just under 15%.

My FitBit reports 4,186,894 steps, 3184 floors, 2181.91 miles and 1,183,581 calories burned:

My resting heart rate dropped from 64 to 54 beats per minute in the first third of the year, and has bounced around by a beat or two over the rest of the year. I haven’t checked my blood pressure regularly since noting a big improvement in the first third of the year. I got my fourth COVID shot before a second COVID infection in September– I shrugged it off easily in a week.

Looking forward

I’ve got a real-world half marathon (3M) coming up in just over a week, then the Austin Capital 10K coming in April. Then, hiking Kilimanjaro in June.

After that, I’m not sure what’s next: right now, I expect to cut back on running distances to stay around 10Ks, and hope I’ll be able to force myself to start using the rower regularly.

I’m doing another “Dry January” this year. My experiment with alcohol-free beer (Athletic Brewing Company) is a mixed bag– it tastes “fine“, but triggers the same munchies that “real” beer does, which rather limits the point of the exercise. I tried an alcohol-free liquor (“Spirit of Milano“) but I really don’t like it– I’ll stick to cranberry juice.

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