Things I’ve Learned in my first weeks on Chrome

This is a stub post which will be updated periodically.

It would be impossible to summarize how much I’ve learned in the last six weeks working at Google, but it’s easy to throw together some references to the most interesting and accessible things I’ve learned. So that’s this post.

Developing Chrome

Searching the code is trivial. You don’t need to know C++ to read C++. And if you can write C++, the process of adding new code to Chrome isn’t too crazy.

Creating bugs is easy:

Developing Chrome extensions is easy and approximately 5% as hard as building IE extensions.

Using Chrome

PM’ing at Microsoft was all about deleting email. Surviving at Google is largely an exercise in tab management, since nearly everything is a web page. QuickTabs allows you to find that tab you lost with a searchable most-recently-used list.

You can CTRL+Click *multiple* Chrome tabs and drag your selections out into a new window (unselected tabs temporarily dim). Use SHIFT+Click if you’d prefer to select a range of tabs.

Hit SHIFT+DEL when focused on unwanted entries in the omnibox (addressbar) dropdown to get rid of them.

Want to peek under the hood? Load chrome://chrome-urls to see all of the magic URLs that Chrome supports for examining and controlling its state, caches, etc. For instance, the ability to view network events and export them to a JSON log file (see chrome://net-internals), later importing those events to review them using the same UI is really cool. Other cool pages are chrome://tracing, chrome://crashes, and chrome://plugins/.

Chrome uses a powerful system of experimental field trials; your Chrome instance might behave differently than everyone else’s.

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